How Old Fashioned Go Karts Have Found New Life as a Thrilling Adventure

Boys have been cobbling wooden racing cars together for decades. Known as go karts, the small four-wheeled vehicles have historically been raced down local roads and hills. Kids of all ages love the thrill of competing with other drivers. Today the classic adventure has been adapted for adults as well as children. Every year hundreds of customers visit sites like Veloce Indoor Speedway. As they steer specially designed go Karts Nashville drivers have fun, improve reflexes and even strengthen group bonds.

Go Karts Have Come a Long Way

Kids with a need for speed originally built vehicles from apple crates or soap boxes. They had no motors and relied on gravity to create momentum as they were raced down hills. In time owners began creating more elaborate cars and competing. Today the simple vehicles still race in soap box derbies. However, modern karts are usually much more elaborate. They include small motors and competitions are faster. Cars became known as go-karts and by 1957 races were being held in famous locations like the Rose Bowl. Today cities like Nashville have adapted large buildings for indoor racing. Before they begin indoor go kart racing, Nashville customers are supplied with helmets, gloves, and accessories.

Indoor Racing Offers a Safe Thrill


Modern indoor racing offers excitement but is designed for safety. Vehicles are sturdy, carefully maintained and include electric motors. They have protective chassis, and drivers are carefully strapped in. There are also junior karts designed for kids. Created for riders who are at least 4 feet tall, they are modified to reach maximum speeds of 20 mph. Parents can request inserts that help children fit better and ensure that their feet can reach pedals. Adults get much more powerful karts. After choosing a go-kart, Nashville adult customers strap themselves into vehicles that can reach up to 50 mph. Cars include 8-speed radio controllers, AC electric motors, and very serious torque.

Racing Competitions Create Bonds

In addition to providing individual adventures, go-kart races are being used as bonding experiences by families and businesses. During go Kart racing Nashville drivers can compete against one another in a healthy way while participating in a group activity. Family members have a great time racing one another as they improve reflexes. Racing can even get kids ready to drive their own cars. Some businesses are using races for team building. This can be critical in growing companies where employees may not get to know one another. Although each team member drives an indoor go kart Nashville, team competition heats up, and employees begin to bond. The resulting adrenaline rush sharpens focus, creates excitement and allows group members to see one another in a setting away from compartmentalized business settings.

Modern indoor go kart tracks offer a safe way to enjoy the thrill of racing. Tracks include adult and kids’ cars and plenty of safety gear. Go-kart races are fun for individuals and also an ideal way for group members to bond.


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